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Taking E-commerce in Laos to the Next Level: Yula 2.0 App Release

Sep. 1, 2020, 05:28 pm.

We are proud to announce that Yula.la, Lao’s leading and longest-running e-commerce platform since 2012, has just become more technically and efficiently integrated with its own free downloadable app available on Android and Apple app stores.



Yula.la represents Laos’s #1 market place with over 1.3 million visitors coming to the site every year. This is around 3,000-4,000 active visitors daily, focusing on a variety of consumer products and services such as Real estate, Vehicles, Furniture, Electronics, Jobs, Homeware, Finance & Insurance and more! 70% of Yula’s traffic demonstrates buying power for real estate or vehicle purchases.Yula.la has around 50% of traffic in Vientiane Capital, with the other main cities of Laos well represented within its traffic analytics. This makes Yula.la Laos’ only nationwide buying and selling platform.


Yula app download. Get it today!


Yula.la App features:

- 13,000+ Vehicle listings (new and used motorbikes, new and used cars, trucks, bikes, accessories, etc.)

- 10,000+ Real estate listings (land and house for sale and rent, ex-pat rental villas and apartments,               

   investment properties)

- Over 5,000 Job opportunities across Laos

- 20,000 Computers, Phones, and High Tech

- 20,000+ House Equipment (Furniture and Homewares)

- 10,000+ Fashion, Health, Beauty and Baby Equipments


The app is fast, easy to use in Lao, English, Chinese, French, and Thai languages. The web version is also available at www.yula.la on your browser. Check the price KIP, Dollar or Baht with our in-app currency changes, making domestic and international buying and selling are easier than ever before.


One of the best features is that Yula.la’s app is completely free to list and free to sell in only a few short moments. Make a listing today by downloading the app and registering your account here.


Furthermore, Yula.la has pioneered “certified sellers” on the new application allowing professional and trustworthy sellers to be preferences on Yula.la. These new accounts will check and allow changes on Yula.la to continue to be known as Laos’ most trusted online shopping experience. Ongoing changes and processes will continue to ensure that online shoppers on Yula.la are always protected from fraudulent sellers. Buyers online on Yula.la can feel safe to know the sellers' address and reputation of trust are assured.


Yula.la is creating a safe online market for Laos’ consumers:

Digital Classified Lao Yula.la platform provides consumers and sellers with a safer and trusty-worthy buying and selling experience. With so many people seeking options to purchase online, especially through platforms such as Facebook, there is an increased risk for scams from unreliable sellers. Yula.la however, guarantees an implemented trust-based application with secure listing and buying opportunities through its innovative, updated seller pages.


We offer the best prices and array of quality selections from automobiles, real estate, and everyday consumer goods to insurance and finance services at the touch of your finger through the newly released Yula.la app. Yula.la is dedicated to providing a secure, reliable, and smooth e-commerce experience for its growing users.


The team at Yula.la is excited to further invest in e-commerce opportunities in Laos which is why our upcoming features for Phase 2 of the Yula.la application will offer a global and domestic payment gateway mechanism for new consumer products along with in-service nationwide shipping and delivery. This will allow us seamless shopping and delivery experience for shoppers across Laos, and bridge the gap between sellers based in markets like Thailand, Vietnam, and China. These changes are in motion and we expect a fully functional payment gateway and delivery mechanism across new consumer goods on Yula.la by the close of 2020.


These distinct and convenient features will be automatically implemented through our easy-to-use, fully-functional app. Yula.la will be the first fully-functional e-commerce platform, taking online shopping to the 21st century in Lao PDR. 


Download the app today:



download Yula.la on app store


download Yula.la on google play 


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