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Mazda CX-5 2017

Zoom-Zoom! That’s how many of us got to know Mazda. A simple slogan that was introduced decades ago that not only described Mazda’s cars, but also sent out the message that it is fun to drive one.

Traditionally, Mazda has not been the dominant name to many Lao auto-enthusiasts, but that has changed in recent years with many of Mazda’s cars hitting the Lao roads including its bestselling model – the CX-5.

            ຕ້ອງການອ່ານເປັນພາສາລາວບໍ? ກົດເຂົ້າບ່ອນນີ້ເລີຍ

Mazda CX-5 is a crossover car. Locally known as the compact SUV. Its design has always been a beauty and the new model is no exception. From first glance, it’s a bit hard to distinguish the new 2017 model from its predecessor. The car dimension does not change apart from its height. Both the front head lights and tail lights are skinnier, giving them the sexy look. There’s also the addition of a power tailgate which was not available in the previous generation.

Going inside the car, you’ll see that there’s plenty of spaces. Enough for a family trip. Also, Mazda has given the cabin the all new interior design. The premium look give you the luxury feeling. The infotainment system is pretty much the same. Just a new look like the rest. But still neat.

At the back, there’s the addition of air conditioning vents, and USB charging port to give passengers the comfort and convenience that they would need. Another nice touch added to the new CX-5 is the sound proof feature. Meaning that there’s less road noise while on the road.

There’s not much changes made to engine and the overall function of the car. However, the mentioned changes that Mazda has made would be enough to get one excited already. How about you? Are you excited? Let’s give it a zoom-zoom.


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