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The New Nissan X-Trail 2018: Nissan’s best selling Truck?

The New X-Trail 2018 (also known as the Nissan Rogue) is a popular model of Nissan currently making waves in the Lao PDR new car’s marketplace. It was officially announced in Laos in 2017 and now the car is available for buyers to take for a test run. The Nissan X-Trail offers new standards in the automobile world, mixing stylish design with modern innovation.

ຕ້ອງການອ່ານເປັນພາສາລາວບໍ? ກົດເຂົ້າບ່ອນນີ້ເລີຍ.

From the outside, the new X-Trail has never looked better!

Since the 2017 model, the Rouge of 2018 has an updated exterior styling which is shown clearly in enlarged Nissan “V-motion” grill, updated headlights with LED signature and daytime running lights, which make your vehicle more visible during daylight to other vehicles. The new X-Trail also has a sharper bumper, new and improved fog lamps and 19-inch alloy wheels. Most importantly for those who love speed, torque and efficiency, the new X-trail Nissan 2018 has 4 cylinder engine for exceptional fuel economy.

And for those of you who prefer to stay inside your car, how is the interior of the new X-Trail?

The 2018 X-Trail comes with comfortable and quality seats, designed for optimum comfort. The driver and passengers will enjoy theater-style seating, with fully electric tilt and slide controls. The EZ-Flex second-row seating also slides and reclines to allow for more leg room or increased cargo space. The addition of a panoramic sunroof creates space inside the vehicle and maximum natural light.

For those of you who rank safety highly when considering a new car purchase, the X-Trail should tick all of the boxes…

The 2018 Nissan X-Trail comes with safety features such as “Intelligent Driving”.  This technology means that the car is suitable for driving in the city but also in the provinces or rural areas in Laos. Hill start assist and intelligent 4×4 Hill Descent Control allow the new X-Trail to tackle hills and river crossings with ease,  assisting the driver in preventing rolling backwards when driving from a standstill on a sloping incline. The new model also has an active brake limited slip, that helps to provide better grip in slippery conditions.

Outside of these improvements, the Rouge comes with another very important feature: “Vehicle Dynamic Control”. Lets explore what this means.

This technology automatically prevents the vehicle from sliding sideways on slippery road surfaces when changing lanes or negotiating a curve. The New X-Trail Nissan 2018 is very suitable for roads in Laos due to the height and width of the car, and these exciting new technology features means drivers are offered greater safety for them and their families than ever before.

So if you are looking for a family vehicle that can just as easily cross mountain passes as it can nip around the city streets, the X-Trail might be perfect for you. But whether or not it will be Nissan’s best selling car is yet to be seen…

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