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Strong, Safety, fuel consumption must choose Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab 2018

Most of Lao people use truck for their jobs, travel and passenger. Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab is one of their suitable. Because of its design and strong with high performance engine. Not only the endurance of structure, but also has many features and functions that Comply with user needs. If you want to know more detail, follow me!

For exterior: Toyota Hilux Revo has the sharp-looking LED projector headlamps with the Auto Leveling system for Low-high light with bright and clear Daytime Running Lights. For rear combination lamps has pinch for balance with the bright light to help when you travel at night time. Each windows has Automatic system to move up and down including Jam Protection system to protect from the accident as your children who likes to play with the windows, so this function can help. The side mirrors with turn signal lights has the large chrome side mirrors that provide a wider viewing angle to make you have a greater safety. The 17’’ alloy wheels come with the All-Terrain tires for driving in all road condition.

ຕ້ອງການອ່ານເປັນພາສາລາວບໍ? ກົດເຂົ້າບ່ອນນີ້ເລີຍ.

For interior: the interior designs with luxury in details, there is cool box to keep your drinks cooler. There is the light upper to view inside the car for seeing the map or something else with a small storage box

The driver seat is made by high quality PVC. The steering wheel feature controlling switches with large area to control, low vibration and cruise control for a constant cruising speed. TFT multi-information display for 4.2’’ MID, Push start system let you start the engine with the single push on a button.  There is an automatic air-conditioning system make you feeling comfort, it also has the air conditioning at the back seat. Consist of DVD player with a 7” touch screen display and navigator, including USB/AUX port or Bluetooth to make the connection. Also, it has eight speakers and support T-connect.

There are several engine options for you such as the hot GD Efficient Boost system for the powerful engine of 2.4 L diesel (manual 6 speed / auto 6 speed) 110 kilowatt (150 HP) at 3400 rpm and the highest torque is 400 N-M 1600-200 rpm.

2.4 L diesel, (manual 5 speed) 110 kilowatt (150 HP) at 34000 rpm and the highest torque is 343 N-M 1400-2800 rpm.

2.8 L diesel (auto 6 speed) 130 kilowatt (177 HP) at 3400 rpm and the highest torque is 450 N-M 1600-2400 rpm.

2.8 L diesel (manual iMT 6 speed) 130 kilowatt (177 HP) at 3400 rpm and the highest torque is 420 N-M at 1400 – 2600 rpm.

2.7 L benzene Dual VVT-I (manual 5 speed) 122 kilowatt (166 HP) at 5200 rpm and the highest torque is 245N-M at 4000 rpm with E20 support.

Besides the beautiful design and perfect feature and function, one thing that the driver or buyer worry about is safety, so expensive car without safety is worthless. If safety becomes the user’s factor, what is safety that this truck has. First of all, the body structure is based on GOA design which uses high-tensile strength steel that absorbs and distributes the force of impact form collision to protect cover the body. The ABS detects wheel locking and enhances steering control during sudden breaking with EBD for breaking control to prevent when the car is losing control. Back camera helps to view wider and viewing from LCD monitor to make you park perfectly when you reverse. The Passive safety has got seven air bags position around the car as two in front, two at beside, and two for curtain and a knee air bag for the driver for the tightly secure.

Therefore, a person who likes Strong, Safety, fuel consumption for your job such as shipping, travelling long distance as another province or obstacle road, so this Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab can answers your condition. Also, you are the one who loves the adventure, it’s suitable for this too. Even though you aren’t these types, you can have it like your passenger vehicle as well for travel safety on the road with strong car as Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab.

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