News & Events sponsors the 2018 Lao ICT Awards

Digital Classifieds Lao Sole Co., Ltd. is proud to be a supporting partner of the 2018 Lao ICT Awards, in association with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

ຕ້ອງການອ່ານເປັນພາສາລາວບໍ? ກົດເຂົ້າບ່ອນນີ້ເລີຍ

The Lao ICT Awards celebrate the best young web developers in Lao, and the new generation of IT entrepreneurs. Winners from the Lao ICT Awards will move on to compete in the ASEAN ICT Awards.

If your an up-and-coming developer and are interested in participating in the contest this year, entries will close soon. Or maybe you want to join the audience at the awards show…

For the time line:

1. Registration duration time ( 15/3/2018 -31/5/2018)

2. First round (5/6/2018)

3. First training (6-15/6/2018)

4. Semi-final round (20/6/2018)

5. Final training (21/6-6/7/2018)

6. Final round (7/7/2018)

∗ Applicants and products terms

1. Applicants term

– As students and researchers in any faculties

– As individuals and legal entities operating properly according to the laws of Lao PDR

– As a joint venture international, but Lao people must own at least 51% of the total shares

2. Product term

– The contestant must own the right product / product in accordance with the intellectual property law;
– Development must be made at least 51% in Lao PDR, including research, development and design.

You can find more information about the contest and how to apply online at:

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