Administration & Office Support Job Dans Sisattanak Vientiane Capital ID 61073
LAK 12,052,398 - 22,598,247 (Négociable)

Project Business Supervisor

Le district de Sisattanak, Vientiane la Capitale
11 Nov 2020
Project Business Supervisor:
Location: Sisattanak, Vientiane
Monthly salary: USD800-1500
Description of job
Familiar with MS office software applications, have experience in large-scale projects and program management, having good communication and coordination skills;
Calm and carefulness; PMP certification is preferred;
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the project budget, project cost and project schedule management of the project group in the department.
2. The management of HR and outsourcing personnel entering and leaving, settlement, and affairs;
3. Manage project review, project launch, project evaluation, and project operation indicator tracking;
4. Propose and implement effective operation improvement and management methods according to the project implementation and project development.
5. Assist the superior leaders to do a good job of internal and external communication and business negotiation of the project.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, with a background of studying abroad is preferred;
More than 3 years of management experience and relevant Internet work experience are preferred;
2. Proficient in Mandarin, Old Language and English;
3. Conscientious, hard-working, senior interpreter or written translation certificate is preferred;
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